Beaverton Baptist Church

Children are important to us at Beaverton Baptist Church.  We offer programs at your child's age and learning level.  Whether it is Sunday School class or Children's Church as a part of our morning worship, they will be challenged from God's Word, the Bible.

Teens are sometimes said to be the church of the future.  At Beaverton Baptist Church teens are part of the church today!  We take them seriously and offer more thoughtful and challenging teaching as they progress through their teen years.  Times of Bible teaching as well as fellowship, food, games and recreation are all included in our youth program.  We hope your teen will find a place to grow in our youth program at BBC.

  • AWANA Club!!   Club is up and running!!
      Meets Every Wednesday @ 6:30-8pm
  • Age 3 thru 6th grade are invited to join us.

  • Teens will begin meeting 6PM on Sundays in October.  Watch for details.

  • Released Time Bible Classes for Children Grades 1-Beaverton Baptist Church in conjunction with RBM Ministries, hosts Release Time Bible Classes.  These classes are offered to your children Grades 1-5.  Only children who are authorized by their parents will be able to attend.  Transportation is provided by BBC.

“Uncle Bob” Beery, missionary with RBM, teaches our classes for 1 ½ hour sessions from 8:30-10 AM on the following Tuesday:  2015-2016 school year

In order for your children to attend Released Time Bible Class, you as the parent, need to give written permission.  If you would like a permission slip, please call us at 435-9232 or join us on Sunday and pick up a form .