Beaverton Baptist Church

Come Grow With Us!

Beaverton Baptist Church is a local assembly of believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to live authentic Christian lives directed by the Bible, God's Word and absolute Truth for us.  We are always seeking other followers of Christ who wish to use their gifts to serve God together and reach the world with the Good News about Jesus Christ.

We exist to encourage and build up the body of Christ and to make disciples for God's kingdom.  Our purpose is carried out personally by every member of our church family on a local level and then through support of missions and ministries reaching to the uttermost parts of the earth.

If you are seeking to live an authentic Christian life directed by the Bible and interested in growing in your service to God, we encourage you. 

You are welcome to join with us as we journey into deeper relationships with each other and with our Heavenly Father. Discipleship is the journey of a lifetime.  Let's walk and work together!

See the Coming Events tab for a list of opportunities.